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It's not rocket science...or is it?

Since the 1960s, there have been around 50 unmanned missions to reach the Red Planet, with about half succeeding. The next question is, “When can humans go?” E.M. says by 2026. As exciting as it is to learn more about this seemingly uninhabited planet, patience is necessary as science and technology continue to advance. The anticipation of humankind embarking on this adventure in the not-so-far-away-future fueled the inspiration behind this center console design. So, buckle up. We’re going to Mars.

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We've finally made it to Mars! Just kidding - but, maybe in 2026.
Customize the look of your Model 3 or Y's scratch-prone center console with this limited edition wrap kit. We have Gen 1.0 (original) and 2.0 (sliding door refresh) available! Buy yours now and go to Mars with us!

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Center Console 1.0

Center Console 2.0

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