Foam Cannon Ultimate Kit

    At last, we finally figured out the best set up to get the best foam for your Tesla.

    The kit comes with a foam cannon, spray gun, lance, couplers, nozzle guard, and a non-marking hose for your pressure washer. This does not come with a pressure washer. 

    Why this is the best? 

    • Spray gun is equipped with swivel mechanism so your hose doesn't kink up 
    • Foam cannon can adjust the fan blade and spray both horizontally and vertically
    • Lance is perfect for when getting the roof or hard to get areas
    • Nozzle guard is absolutely necessary so if in any case you get too close, the rubberized guard protects your car from getting scratched
    • Couplers allow you to use this kit for most pressure washer systems 
    • The 50-foot hose is non-marking