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Premium Seat Covers for Model Y


Premium Seat Covers for Model Y


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Transform Your Tesla Model Y with Premium Vegan Leather Seat Covers

Experience luxury and comfort in your Tesla Model Y with our high-quality vegan leather seat covers. Meticulously designed for both style and functionality, these covers offer the opulence of leather with the benefits of vegan materials. Their elegant appearance enhances your vehicle's interior while providing practical comfort. Certified for safety and reliability by TÜV, Schrubber, and SoSi, our seat covers meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

What’s Included in the Seat Cover Set:

  • Front Driver Seat Cover
  • Front Passenger Seat Cover
  • Complete Back Seat Cover Set
  • Upholstery Needle for Precision Fit
  • Clips for Easy Installation
  • Access to Instructional Videos for Hassle-Free Setup

Product Specifications:

  • Custom-made to fit Tesla Model Y models from 2020 and onwards.
  • Crafted from premium vegan leather, combining elegance, comfort, and durability.
  • Thoroughly tested for safety, ensuring peace of mind while driving.

Installation time: 4 Hours

How to Video:


Please read fully BEFORE purchasing! 
Are there any specific challenges with the installation process?
Yes, the installation process is noted to be very difficult. Please watch the installation videos to decide if this project is for you.
Are there any precautions suggested while working beneath the seat during installation?

Yes, for your safety, we highly recommend wearing gloves when going under the seat. This precaution is due to the presence of sharp metal that could pose a risk during the installation process.
Is there a recommended pre-installation step for these seat covers?

Yes, we highly recommend steaming the seat covers before installation. The steam will help the covers mold more effectively to the seat’s contours. DO NOT use a heat gun.
What’s the installation process like for seat covers on a Model 3?
For the Model 3, installing seat covers requires removing the back seat. The front seats have screws with lock tight, making their removal challenging. We strongly recommend that only professionals handle this task. 
Do the Red Seats have any perforations (holes)?

No, the Red Seats do not feature any perforations or holes. 
What kind of warranty is offered for these seat covers?

These seat covers come with a 2-year warranty that we handle for you through the company. This only covers issues with the product, not a "change of mind" scenario.
Have the seat covers undergone any safety testing related to airbags?

Yes, the seat covers have undergone certified testing to ensure compatibility with airbags.
When installing the seat covers, are there any specific guidelines regarding cables and attachment points?
Absolutely, it’s important not to clip anything onto cables. Instead, ensure that you attach the seat covers to the plastic components under the seats to avoid any potential issues during installation.
This kit is not eligible for returns or refunds.