Our Story

The moment our founder Ji went 0-60 in a 2013 Tesla Model S was the day he was hooked on Teslas. So hooked that he saved enough money to purchase his first Tesla in 2018. Immediately, he wanted to customize his car to make it unique, but it was either too expensive or too difficult. So, he did what any Elon Musk fan does: start making products to solve an issue.

The first product idea came about when Ji got tired of friends and family pulling the emergency door lever while trying to figure out how to exit the door. First, Ji drafted up a design, bought a small Cricut, and came up with a prototype using vinyl. He posted on a Tesla Facebook group about it, and he got a message requesting it. And another. And another. Eventually, 100s of messages from other Tesla owners were flooding in. That’s when TESBROS started.

TESBROS hasn’t changed much since then. Okay, maybe a few more products have been created! But in a nutshell, we do the same thing we’ve always done: help Tesla owners customize, protect and maintain their car, easily and affordably. TESBROS is comprised of people that follow our core values to the T and strive to put themselves in our customers shoes daily. We love that you're a part of this crew now too!

I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.

- Elon

Our Core Values

Customer first

We build customer relationships. We think about the customer at every phase of the decision making.

Golden Rule

We care for others by putting them first and treating them as we’d like to be treated – with honesty and integrity.

Innovate with Passion

We’re obsessed and passionate about mastering our crafts which allows us to be better innovators.