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DIY Protection Kit for Model Y

Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector for Model 3/Y

Complete Chrome Delete Kit for Models 3, S, & X

Stealth Bundle for Model 3 & Y

What is the Ji Guarantee?

The Ji Guarantee is a risk-free insurance option you can add to each purchase, offering discounted replacement parts should you need to reinstall. Founded by Ji, TESBROS is committed to empowering Tesla owners with the knowledge and tools to customize, protect, and maintain their vehicles affordably. As we continue to grow, educating our customers and enhancing their experience remains at the heart of our mission.

Benefit of the Ji Guarantee

This guarantee provides you with a discounted rate for replacements to ensure your installation is flawless. It includes a one-time replacement discount for each item covered. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of what's included.

Coverage Details:

All Vinyl & PPF Products (Excluding DIY Protection Front/Full kits and DIY Full Body Vinyl Wrap for Cybertruck):

Free one-time replacement and complimentary shipping.

DIY Full Body Protection Kit - PPF:

Three free replacement rolls plus free shipping.

DIY Front Protection Kit - PPF:

One free replacement roll plus free shipping.

DIY Full Body Vinyl Wrap for Cybertruck:

Three free replacement panels plus free shipping.


Yes, absolutely. While replacements are still available without the Ji Guarantee, you will need to cover the costs of materials and shipping.

The number of replacements available varies by product. Each product comes with a one-time replacement offer as detailed above. If additional replacements are needed beyond the first, we offer them at a discounted rate—you only pay for the material costs and shipping.