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GYEON Q² Leather Shield Bundle


GYEON Q² Leather Shield Bundle

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Protect your Tesla seats from jeans, stains, and dirt.

Q² LeatherShield is the perfect coating for Tesla pleather seats. This is a true SiO2-based leather ceramic coating that is very unique in its single-layer application. Protect your Tesla interior pleather upholstery from dirt, spills, UV, oils, and grime long term. It leaves a healthy satin finish and will not alter the look of your leather. 

  • 6+ Month Durability

Easy To Apply: Q² LeatherShield only requires the application of one simple layer.

Safe For All Leather Types: This leather ceramic coating protects against everyday dangers on all types of leather.


This bundle comes complete with not only the Leather Shield, but what you need to prep before applying: a degreasing interior cleaner, getting rid of all oils and grime, a 10-pack of interior microfibers, easily removing excess cleaner without scratching, and a boar brush set with a short and long handle for reach. Use this with the interior cleaner to agitate the dirt in the crevices and seams to make sure to get a deep clean. 



Simply clean, prep and coat! 

Installation time: 30 minutes

How to Video: 

Where can I apply this product?

We recommend applying it anywhere that's pleather. That includes seats, side pleather panels, door switch area, pleather part of the center console and the steering wheel. As long as it is pleather, it can be applied. 

Does this work on my Tesla white seats? 

Absolutely! This keeps white seats clean and makes it much easier to clean. 

How many coats do I need? 

Only one coat is needed but for areas that are considered high usage like your driver seat, you can apply two coats. Make sure to wait at least an hour before applying the second coat. 

Does your cleaner have a smell? 

Our cleaner is odorless and does not have a smell. 

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