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GloveBox Protection - PPF for Model 3 / Y

22 reviews

GloveBox Protection - PPF for Model 3 / Y

22 reviews

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Installation Level: Beginner

Installation Beginner

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There's nothing worse than looking over to see your passengers' feet on the glovebox.

This kit comes with everything you need to protect this vulnerable area from scratches and scuffs.

  • Easy DIY peel & apply application (see below)
  • Tools & instructions included
  • Lasts 10 years
  • Designed and made in the USA


  • PPF for Glovebox
  • Slip Bottle
  • Squeegee
  • Install Guide


  • Made out of Avery Supreme PPF
  • Fits 2017+ Tesla Model 3 and Y

Most customers install this kit themselves. Some experience with PPF installation is helpful, but not necessary

Installation time: 15 minutes

Recommended Temperature: 65°F – 75°F

Tools needed: Simply add water to provided installation bottles.

How to Video:

What temperature should I install PPF?

PPF is best installed in a temperature range between 65 and 75 degrees F. If it’s too cold, it may feel stiffer. If it’s too hot, it’ll stretch more.

How do I remove wrinkles (also called fingers) when installing?

If it’s a small finger, the easiest way to push it down is to use your tack solution and then push it down with your squeegee. If it still persists, wrap your squeegee with microfiber and squeegee it down. The microfiber will absorb the water, making it tackier.

Is it okay to leave small bubbles when installing?

If it is larger than a nickel, you want to lift the PPF and squeegee it down again. If it’s smaller than a nickel, it should dissipate and evaporate within time.

Does it come with everything I need to install?

Yes, everything you need is provided in the kits. All you’ll need to add is water to the slip and tack bottles.

Do I need to cut anything?

No, our kits come pre-cut to make installation easier for you!

Why does it only come with 1 set?

PPF is easier to adjust since it is a wet install compared to vinyl which is a dry install. If you do make a mistake, reach out to us, and we can send you a replacement at cost.

How long does PPF last?

Our film is rated for 10 years.

Easy 30-day Returns. We're giving you 30 days to see if the kit works for you. Wrong color? Not for you? Get an exchange or refund. To receive a full refund, the product must not be used. If unused or sealed, we will refund 100% minus the shipping costs. For full details on policies, please visit our Exchanges and Return Page.

Lifetime Vinyl/PPF Warranty: Have an issue with our kits? We'll send you a replacement. Just cover the shipping. Contact us at:
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Eric S.
United States United States

Glove box PPF

It was a little tricky to get it lined up properly - making sure it’s not too far up or down is crucial because otherwise you’ll have a flap that can catch on stuff. It was easy enough to pull up and try again though, so once it was lined up right it went on really easy.

Dontae C.
United States United States


It was a bit difficult to get the fingers out but everything worked out and I just love the extra protection it provides

Clara L.
United States United States

Works but could be better

As usual, all the Tesbros products comes very well packaged and organized. The slip solution was simple to use, just add water. Ran into a few different issues and concerns during the installation. 1. Not clear which corner was the top corners. They all looked similar. (A simple marking on the backing paper would have helped) 2. The instruction video should have warned not to install too high since the top of the glovebox is curved. I found this out after halfway through the install when I opened my glovebox to check the alignment. I had to peel off and re-wet and start over... 3. The height of the piece might still be too tall. When I installed slightly lower so it doesn't stick out from top, it somewhat sticks out the edge near the bottom...Hopefully this wont collect dust overtime and peel off. 4. Each time I tried to squeegee each section as per the video instruction, the next section would bubble up. Had to unpeel a particular section, re-wet and retry. A 10 minute install ended up taking about 30 minutes to try to get perfectly. Hopefully, I wont run into similar issues for my exterior PPFs where tack solution is provided.

United States United States

Awesome feel and look

Great product. I was concerned it might not match with the interior but it looks so much better

Sebastian O.
United States United States

Model Y Glovebox PPF Protection

It was a bit challenging to install as the “notch” to orient the film wasn’t that obvious? I did finally install it, but probably upside down after I already installed it! lol. But overall I wanted the protection as the glovebox on my previous Tesla showed many fine scratches from the previous owner. I would definitely recommend the product. Only update would be making the orientation notch a little more obvious.

Costa M.
Canada Canada

A needed product

For all that you pay for a Tesla, some of the interior can be better for every day wear and tear. One of these things is the glovebox. How do you protect or from scuffs? By installing this film. Tesbros and their installation videos are extremely helpful and easy to follow. Thank you guys!

Costa M.
Canada Canada

Amazing service!

The service and attention they pay to their customers is second to none. I keep coming back to shop over and over. Keep up the great work Tesbros. Thank you o much!

Nicolai L.
Denmark Denmark

Perfekt produkt

Good quality and fast delivery

Victoria D.
United States United States

Easy to put on

Watched the tutorial before putting on PPF. Everything went well. The only problem I encountered was the spray bottle included did the work. Over all very easy to apply. Will definitely buy more products from Tesbros :)

TESBROS GloveBox Protection - PPF for Model 3 / Y Review
United States United States

M3 PPF for Glovebox

1. Packaging: I found the packaging adequate and the product arrived promptly and undamaged (5 2. Materials: The materials appear to be top notch, and the water bottle/solution was very clever with just adding water! (5 3. Application: The application was mostly as expected with having watched the install video. However, the ‘top-corner-notch’ was microscopic! I had to study the part a few times before locating what I believed was it. Then, with the ‘spray-peel-spray other side-spray glove box’ process, I am honestly not sure the top corner—that I could no longer discern—arrived in the top corner on my application. In retrospect, I should have applied some tape on the 'outer side-top corner' to keep it VISIBLE and oriented correctly. Then removed that tape AFTER installation (OR, that tape could have come on the produce already!). Very frustrating to discover this while everything was wet and ready to go… (0 4. Appearance: It looks pretty good now, and I hope it dries well and appears uniform with the rest of the dash. I’ll have to give that a couple of days before a decision, but will assume the best at this time. (5 5. Durability: Considering the timeline of install and review, I will again hope for the best and assume so (5 While the average score should have been higher with the math of the rest of the ratings, I had to ding another star because at this price point, the installation markings should have been better thought out. Screen protectors have been using ’side’ tape labels for a long time. I would recommend this product to fellow consumers, but must emphasize the 'tape' process addition! This was not my first PPF application, and I myself modestly experienced. I have installed countless screen protectors. I hope this review helps... Thank you!