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Is it still considered PPF if it's installed on stainless steel?

I guess it's more of a Stainless Steel Protection Film (SSPF) now—giving your Tesla that shiny armor it never knew it needed!

We created our PPF kit with DIY beginners in mind because, let’s face it, shelling out up to $6,000 for full professional installation is enough to make anyone's wallet flinch. Our kit is wallet-friendly, top-notch, and surprisingly simple to install. It comes complete with all the necessary tools, custom-cut film, and step-by-step tutorials to ensure that even first-timers can wrap their Tesla like a pro. Now you can keep your car looking fresh without breaking the bank or a sweat!

Coming May 24th
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Learn More About Film
  • Includes All Tools Needed
  • Designed to Last 10 Years
  • Step-by-Step Video Guide
  • Beginner-Friendly
Advanced Protection That Simplifies Cleaning

Tesla’s stainless steel body is impressively durable but can still attract fingerprints and smudges that detract from its appearance. Our PPF not only protects against minor physical impacts but also features hydrophobic properties that reduce the adherence of dirt and fingerprints, making your Cybertruck easier to clean and maintain. It’s also ideal for those who have customized their vehicle with a vinyl wrap, providing an additional layer of protection against environmental factors that typically cause wear.

Invisible, High-Quality Protection

Our PPF is incredibly resilient, equipped with self-healing properties that automatically smooth out minor scratches with heat. Its hydrophobic nature simplifies cleaning, effectively repelling water and preventing unsightly water spots. Choose from gloss to enhance the shine, matte to match the stainless steel for a sophisticated finish, or colored PPF for a personalized touch. Each option ensures your Cybertruck remains visually stunning and in excellent condition, enhancing your vehicle’s resale value.

All-Inclusive PPF Kits + More

Our PPF Kit includes custom-designed and cut pieces for all panels of your Tesla (depending on what kit you purchased), along with everything you need to prep your Cybertruck and install the PPF.

We believe that to successfully install PPF, you need the right tools and instructions for the job. In our professional experience, we’ve tested and gathered all the best tools and included them in this kit.

Most importantly, we’ve put together a detailed online course so you can follow along and install with us.

Learn How It Works
  • Multiple Angles
  • Reference e-Guide included
  • Private community
  • Taught by Pros
Protect Your Cybertruck While Keeping It Spotlessly Clean
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  • We are offering Gloss PPF, Matte (Stealth) PPF, and Colored PPF (Colors TBA).
  • We estimate between 6-8 hours, depending on your prior experience with PPF.
  • Yes, everything you need is provided in the kits. All you’ll need to add is water to the slip and tack bottles.
  • We highly recommend waiting at least 24 hours before driving. This ensures your PPF has had time to adhere fully so water and debris can’t get under the surface.
  • PPF is best installed in temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees F. If it’s too cold, it may feel stiffer. If it’s too hot, it’ll stretch more.
  • If it’s a small finger, the easiest way to push it down is to use your tack solution and then push it down with your squeegee. If it persists, wrap your squeegee with microfiber and squeegee it down. The microfiber will absorb the water, making it tackier.
  • If it is larger than a nickel, you want to lift the PPF and squeegee it down again. If it’s smaller than a nickel, it should dissipate and evaporate within time.
  • We recommend waiting at least 24 hours but 48 hours to be safe.
  • No, our kits come pre-cut to make installation easier for you!
  • You can, but please be extremely careful. You want to be careful around all the edges. If you directly point the spray gun near the edge, it may remove the film. Don’t directly spray on the edges, and you’ll be fine.
  • Our film is rated for 10 years.
  • Absolutely. There are many ceramic coatings that are specifically for PPF which will make the car even easier to keep clean!