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DIY Front Protection Kit - PPF for Model 3

30 reviews

DIY Front Protection Kit - PPF for Model 3

30 reviews
Style: With Sensor Cutouts (2017-2022)

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Installation Level: Intermediate

Installation Intermediate

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Note: Orders outside of the continental US do not come with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol due to shipping restrictions. U.S. orders can only be sent through ground shipping.

Protect your Tesla's most vulnerable areas from rocks, scratches, and insects. 

Our DIY Front Protection Kit comes with everything you need to keep your Tesla safe from the elements, including a video course and expert support so you can get all the help you need. 

We've taken all the pain points from a professional install and either eliminated them or made them easier for anyone to do. We've also included all the tools that we've decided over our install experience are the best. Get yours today and let's get started talking all things PPF! 

  • DIY peel & apply application 
  • Tools & online courses provided 
  • Lasts 10 years
  • Designed and made in the USA


  • Front Bumper PPF
  • Hood PPF
  • Fenders PPF 
  • Headlights/Fog lights PPF 
  • Mirrors PPF 
  • Premium Slip Bottle
  • Premium Tack Bottle
  • 5-Piece Squeegee Set 
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 
  • 5 x Microfiber Towels
  • 1 x Wash Mitt
  • TESBROS Car Wash Shampoo
  • TESBROS Prep Wash
  • Clay Bar
  • 1 pair of Nitrile Gloves 
  • Slip Solution with Syringe for measuring
  • Electronic Step-by-Step Install Course


  • Avery Supreme Defense PPF
  • Fits 2017+ Tesla Model 3

NOTICE: Tesla recently announced that all Model 3 and Model Y's will no longer be equipped with Ultrasonic Sensors in favor of its "Tesla Vision" system. 

To figure out whether your Tesla is equipped with ultrasonic sensors or not, please review the image below.


If you purchased our kit prior to your delivery and your Tesla does NOT have the sensors, please email us at for a replacement piece free of charge. 

If your car has 6 round sensors in the front or rear bumper, please choose "WITH SENSOR CUTOUTS". 

If your car has no round sensors anywhere on the front or rear bumper, please choose "NO SENSOR CUTOUTS" as your option. 

Thinking about whether you can do this or not? Our kit was designed with beginners in mind! If this is your first PPF install, click here to see how it works. 

Online Course:

The first step is to access your online course which includes all the information you need to successfully install your DIY PPF Kit. 
Access Course Here

Is this PPF a gloss or stealth (matte) finish?

We currently only offer the Gloss finish, however we will release the stealth (matte) finish in the near future. Please sign up below for updates and notifications for this release!

Can I install PPF over ceramic coating?

Unfortunately, PPF will not adhere to ceramic coating. We do not recommend installing if you already have a ceramic coat.

Do I have to disassemble parts of the car to apply the wrap?

Not at all! Our kit was carefully designed to fit without removing anything or having to use a knife on the car.

What’s the return policy on this kit?

We understand that people change their minds. In our kit, we provide a Test Kit that allows you to try it out using smaller pieces. If it’s not for you, as long as you didn’t open anything else, you can return the full kit for a full refund.

How long does PPF last?

We use Avery Supreme Defense PPF that is rated for 10-years of durability. The film will not yellow or crack over time.

Do I need prior experience with PPF?

Nope! We designed this kit for the average Joe. We include everything you need to learn as you go.

How long does it take to install?

This can depend on the person, but we estimate it will take 8-12 hours if installed alone. 

What’s the difference between your kit and other PPF kits?

We include in-depth courses that walk you through the installation process. Other kits require prior PPF knowledge, while ours is completely beginner-friendly.

Can I put ceramic coating over PPF?

Absolutely. There are many ceramic coatings that are specifically for PPF which will make the car even easier to keep clean!

We provide a Practice Kit that allows you to try it out using smaller pieces. If it’s not for you, as long as you didn’t open anything else, you can return the full kit for a full refund.

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Alan S.
United States United States

I Did It! with great tutorials, etc. from Tesbros

Whew, I'm so glad that I've accomplished this DIY Front PPF kit installation. Couldn't have done it without all of the great tutorial videos at; the TESBROS DIY PPF Course Facebook group, the practice kit, and of course the great kit from Tesbros. Packaging and all of the included materials are great. It's perfect that all of the tutorials use exactly those same materials: solutions, bottles, squeegees, microfiber cloths, etc. On the day before, I removed my Tesbros front mudflats and cleaned those areas especially well. All together it took me about nine hours yesterday to do everything including the preparation steps and then working through it piece by piece. I started early yesterday morning while it was cool outside. I worked slowly with the tutorials on a laptop nearby for a refresher and carefully using lots of slip solution to make sure I could still move the pieces around as needed. I ended up using the standard slip solution formula of 5ml of soap. I did try it once with 6ml during the practice kit steps, but then the vertical PPF pieces were sliding down the fender. Really, installing all of the PPF pieces went pretty well. The job of seaming - putting two pieces together edge to edge - was the most painstaking aspect. I think I did pretty well at it, not perfect. Time will tell. After I did the two fenders I still had time in the morning to do the hood PPF. It was the easiest piece of the whole kit and looks great! Then took a lunch break before starting on the bumper. After bumper piece A I went back to the hood to turn down the edges which worked great. The bumper is complex and has some big pieces like the hood PPF -- my wife was a great help getting those carefully in place without them touching anything else. Then after doing the bumper I finished with the two mirrors. I'd previously used the Tesbros headlight PPF kit so didn't need to do those again. Whew - success! I used two additional things that helped a lot. We had two 4'*8' tables that I put together as one workbench to let me spread out all of the big PPF pieces. That was a big help. Also, lighting is critical and not very good for super detailed work in my garage. So I bought a bright LED work light (4500 lumen) that really let me do the work and was great for examining pieces for bubbles, etc. See photo attached. See my photos below that capture some of the process. and my celebrations on completion! Yep, I toasted my success with a Buoy Beer from Astoria, Oregon.

TESBROS DIY Front Protection Kit  - PPF for Model 3 ReviewTESBROS DIY Front Protection Kit  - PPF for Model 3 ReviewTESBROS DIY Front Protection Kit  - PPF for Model 3 ReviewTESBROS DIY Front Protection Kit  - PPF for Model 3 ReviewTESBROS DIY Front Protection Kit  - PPF for Model 3 Review
Dontae C.
United States United States

The best experience

This took me a minute but I can’t believe that I did it so good following the videos. It makes me feel like a pro

United States United States

Model 3 Full frontal PPF kit

Video instructions really make a world of difference when installing the PPF. The kit is well put together and I would recommend it to anyone considering PPF on their Tesla.

TESBROS DIY Front Protection Kit  - PPF for Model 3 Review
Scott s.
United States United States

Learned a new skill

After getting quoted 3500 from a professional to install this same ppf, thought it wouldn’t hurt to try and do it myself. Kit comes with everything you need, the “how to” videos really helped a lot. Takes time but in the end it was worth it.

United States United States

Highly recommend!

I was nervous wt first about messing up , but practice kit and installation videos gave me the skills and confidence needed to complete the project. Best of all, they came in smaller pieces so didn’t have to wrestle with one giant sheet. It’s not perfect as done by a professional but pretty happy with my accomplishment. Good to have a peace of mind that my front area is protected from rock chips.

Ali A.
United States United States

Overall this kit is a budget DIY protection that saved me $1100

I was not sure to buy this kit then I decided to pull the triger and get it. My local ppf shop asked for $600 to install the front bumper only and $1650 for full front. I get this kit for about $680 with sales deal . It save me money, the local shop asked to drop the car for 4 days at thier shop that will add extra uber cost to me like $100. I watched tesbros YouTube videos like 2-3 times and then when I started installing I was following the steps and YouTube like watch each part for each piece before starting then I start installing one piece at a time, this will help to minimize errors. I spent 4 hours prep my car and 12 -14 hours including watching time to installing it. I wash the car on Friday night and start working on it on full Saturday and Sunday. Tips: Get 3 Glallon on distilled water before starting Get big table or 2 tables sit next to each other Get Ramp to raise the car ( it will give you better access to the lower bumper) Get someone to help you, my wife was a great help to me Get big light and tourch light too Clean the space well Challenging The kit designed to have seam lines I understand why they did it because I can't imagine how to installing it without them as it will require more stretch and professional level. However, butt seam eadges is taking time and effort to make it looks good but not easy. I found some hair dirt inside the film in some areas which cannot removed. These hair dirt was not mine it was some contaminated and fixed to the ppf film. My hair or and dirt can easily removed when I spray if I found them. I removed all air bubbles and water spots and inspect each panel and piece after installation but next day air bubbles starts to show, these are very tiny one 1-3mm per tesbros these will disappear through time, will see if this true. This will not like 100% pro level kit as it has no wrapped edges except for the hood and had many seams line. But it will protect your car in a budget. I did my best to do it in very slowly time to make it looks great and hide all these seams and I satisfied with the results. Protect what you love and even my cat loved it . ❤️ Overall I thanks Tesbros for providing these videos and quick support for any questions and great customer service.

United States United States

Big project, but loved the result!

First off, I am very happy with how this came out. I have never done a PPF protection kit before and I enjoyed seeing the final product after it was done.... However, this did take a long time. I would say about 13 hours over 2 days by myself including all the prep work before and the final touches at the end. The videos are great. They go over the process step by step how to put on the PPF. Some videos I had to watch a few times to feel comfortable enough to put it on. I like how he is repetitive on some aspects to get the point across. I would highly recommend spending some time watching the videos first. I started with the mirrors first since it was the smallest, thinking it would be the easiest... in terms of space, yeah not so bad, but the curved surface made it difficult to do. Overall, very happy with this DIY project and the protection it will provide.

United States United States

Amazing Product

High-quality PPF kit! Packaging included everything needed for the install, the online videos were incredibly helpful, and the process was seamless. I would recommend the Tesbros PPF kit for everyone interested in trying PPF on their vehicle, without needing to pay a shop for install. I felt comfortable throughout the entire process and utilized the online course prior to each panel install. 10/10 recommend.

United States United States

Model 3 PPF

Overall experience wasn’t too bad. Tesbros does their best to guide you through the process. I would suggest to maybe use the test PPF pieces on the edge of the hood or different parts on the bumper. Process will take a while and there were times I wanted to give up but I kept going. Overall it came out pretty good but it’s a real commitment when you start.

United States United States

I did it! Great DIY Project to save a couple of thousand dollars!

I called the local PPF company, and most of them asked about $2500 to PPF the front of my tesla. As a young graduate, I don't have that kind of money, especially after purchasing my new model. After careful research, I found Tesbros, and luckily they offer DIY PPF for model 3. I ordered it right away. The process was seamless. I especially look at how quickly the staff responded to me via Instagram. The project took my partner and me around 9 hours, but we finally did it. This would not be possible without the video instructions. Thank you, Tesbros Team, for making such a wonderful product and video! Keep it up!