Model Y Door Entry Protection Kit - DIY PPF Kit


    Protect a commonly scuffed and scratched area of your Model Y with this Door Entry wrap PPF. This easy to install clear wrap protects the plastic door entry area that’s commonly stepped on by passengers.

    The kit covers the plastic areas of all 4 door entries.

    • Made with 3M Scotchgard Pro PPF
    • Easy installation
    • Protects your vehicle from minor scuffs and scratches


    • Do not install under direct sunlight
    • Install in temperature controlled area. Recommended temperature 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Make sure surface of vehicle is clean from debris, dust, or dirt
    • Be careful not to overstretch vinyl during installation
      • Door Entry PPF (3M Scotchgard Pro matte)
      • PPF Squeegee
      • Spray Bottle with a dish soap solution (must add water before use)


    In order to minimize waste, the pro protection line does not include an extra set. PPFs have a lot more flexibility to correct during the installation process.